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Cholesterol Support

Cholesterol Support

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Researchers suggest that red yeast rice may have other ingredients, such as sterols, that might also contribute to its beneficial effects. It is recommended that you do not combine this formula with cholesterol lowering drugs, that you check your liver enzyme levels while using this substance and that you take CoQ10 while taking it. ‡ The results of some 17 studies involving approximately 900 Chinese subjects have been published showing beneficial effects.  In 8 of these studies, there was a control group that received a placebo (a pill with no active ingredients) for comparison purposes. In 9 of the studies, there was no placebo control group.  The studies that have been done consistently showed that this substance is very effective ‡

Combinations: This formula works well taken alone, but is best combined with our CoQ10 formula.  It also can be combined with our Liver formula or our Liver Kidney Drops

Cautions: Persons with liver disease, and pregnant women should not use red yeast rice, which is one ingredient in this formula.  Citrinin, a toxic fermentation byproduct, was found at measurable concentrations in a number of preparations of red yeast rice.  Our Red Yeast Rice is tested and does not contain citrinin.  Grapefruit juice may increase the effect of red yeast rice.

‡ These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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